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The Budget Forecaster is a small financial management tool that can help budgeting and personal finance management for both household and business users.
It supports tracking of daily expenses by categories and allows for customizing expense categories and income categories.
It includes extensive reporting capabilities that allow you to get detailed overview of your finances.
It also includes tools for creating and changing budget and financial reports, executing and automating tasks, and easily and quickly importing and exporting data into a standard personal finance database like MS Excel.
Budget Forecaster allows you to quickly create a budget spreadsheet and set up a financial plan for your household and small business finances.
You can import transactions from your checking, savings, credit card, and investment accounts and view detailed reports of transactions.
Budget Forecaster is an important tool for every household, small business and personal finance manager who can now easily and quickly manage their finances.
Budget Forecaster was designed to make budgeting, planning and managing finances easy.
Budget Forecaster is a stand-alone PC budgeting application. It runs and installs completely from the hard drive, so all data is fully secured and maintained on the hard drive. There is no need to install and maintain the application on the web.
Budget Forecaster supports both version 4 and version 7 of Microsoft Excel, which comes as a native program with all operating systems.
Budget Forecaster is a part of free, fully functional, basic software product (STUDIO0) of the Strativia financial management software systems. For more information, please see our other free software products that Strativia provides.
Budget Forecaster Home Budgeting Software Download

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Budget Forecaster Free Download [Win/Mac]

Budget Forecaster is one of the easiest way to plan and manage your budget, track your money and keep track of all your daily expenditures. It is suitable for a single user or multiple users. It is available in three editions, Free, Home Budget Edition and Business Budget Edition.
Budget Forecaster Home Budget Edition : Free edition provides you with some basic tools required to track your personal expenses and income. It works very well on single-user computer, however, if you have more than one user using this computer, you might have trouble managing your money.
Budget Forecaster Home Budget Edition provides you with the basic expense tracking and spending analysis functions, a summary view of your financial transactions and the ability to report your information for your personal use.
Budget Forecaster Business Edition: The business version of the budgeting software offers all the functions that the home budgeting and personal finance management software offer, plus additional features that are important for small business owners, such as: detailed employee reports, custom expense categories, bill payment reminder schedules, automatic reports, customizable accounts and document import.
Budget Forecaster offers you the ability to transfer data from other financial management applications. The Business Edition of the software is also available with a license that allows you to install one copy of the software in two computers or workstations.
Budget Forecaster Home Budget Edition supports both Microsoft Windows versions and Macintosh operating systems. If you have any other operating system, you can download and install Budget Forecaster Home Budget Edition software on it.
If you need a one-time license, you can purchase a full version of the software or the home budgeting software at Budget Forecaster website at: www.budgetforecaster.com
Budget Forecaster Business Edition supports both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems and there are some licenses that allow you to install the software in multiple workstations. If you need an additional license, we recommend purchasing the software directly at Budget Forecaster website at: www.budgetforecaster.com
Please note that the list of features provided with the above description are sample features included with the software. The actual features of Budget Forecaster are described in the user guides that are available on the website.
Budget Forecaster Home Budget Edition is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel. All the reports produced by the software in Microsoft Excel format are automatically uploaded to the website. You can download them at: www.budgetforecaster.com

Budget Forecaster Home Budget Edition allows you to see where your money

Budget Forecaster Crack+

Budget Forecaster is a personal finance management software.
The Budget Forecaster software is an essential tool to help you create a complete household budget.
Budget Forecaster is actually one of the most financial utilities for personal use available on the market.
Key features include:
 Track where your money goes
See where your money goes by tracking your daily expenses by type. Get a clear picture of where your money is going by week or by month.
 Customized expense categories
Customized expense categories allow you to set up software settings the way you prefer. This gives you total control over your expense tracking.
 Determine your own expense categories
Customized expense categories allow you to set up software settings the way you prefer. This gives you total control over your expense tracking.
 Import and export to Excel
Import and export to Excel. The Budget Forecaster software includes comprehensive reporting functionality that allows you to get customized financial reports depending on your needs.
 Determine your own expense categories
Budget Forecaster software allows you to create and manage both personal and family budgets with ease. Try our household budgeting and planning features and start optimizing your budget today.
 View monthly and annual spending analysis
Our personal money management software includes robust income and spending analysis tools that help you clearly analyze, compare, and contrast. Analyze your monthly and yearly spending trends and plan your budget accordingly with Budget Forecaster personal finance management software.
 View key financial ratios
Evaluate your financial health with the help of financial ratios analysis. Budget Forecaster software provides tools for Basic Liquidity Ratio, Debt to Asset Ratio and Debt Payment to Income Ratio calculation and trends analysis.
 Determine your life insurance and retirement needs
The ultimate protection for your family and loved ones should be monitored and managed. Manage and plan your retirement and life insurance needs with ease and clear perspectives with the help of Budget Forecaster personal finance software Life insurance and Retirement needs calculators. These tools will help to ensure that you know just how much coverage you need.
 Calculate your mortgage
Figure out your monthly mortgage payment, create amortization tables and schedules, and consider extra mortgage payments with the help of Budget Forecaster Mortgage Calculator tool.
 Plan for College
Plan your child’s college education. Determining how much your child’s education will cost is important. Develop a 529 plan quickly and easily with the help

What’s New in the Budget Forecaster?

Budget Forecaster – Personal Finance Manager designed for individuals and families. Budget Forecaster homes budgeting software can be used to plan, manage and track your personal finances like a simple tool and extremely easy to use. Budget Forecaster supports individual and family budgeting, and will help you to set up and manage a personal budget. This makes Budget Forecaster best personal finance tracking software in the market.
■ Budget Forecaster is designed to be extremely simple to use.
■ Budget Forecaster is a perfect fit for home budgeting, as well as the sole point of management for personal, small business and family finances.
■ Budget Forecaster includes comprehensive personal finance management features that are designed to make budget tracking, management and reporting extremely easy.
■ Budget Forecaster – Personal Finance Manager is a free standalone program that you can start using today, without complex integration with any back-end services or databases. Budget Forecaster is ideal for both home and business budgeting.
Budget Forecaster is designed to meet your budgeting and spending needs.
Budget Forecaster is completely automated financial management software. Budget Forecaster includes integrated capabilities for budget planning, tracking, analysis, and reporting.
Budget Forecaster includes one-click plan, track and track spending features. Budget Forecaster home budget software allows you to plan, manage and track your personal finance.
There are many things that you must know about budget planning with Budget Forecaster. Budget Forecaster is a great budget planning software. Budget Forecaster – Personal Finance Manager is an excellent personal finance software for home budgeting. Budget Forecaster is a great budget management tool.
■ Budget Forecaster is a fully integrated solution for managing the entire financial life of an individual, family or business.
■ Budget Forecaster – Personal Finance Manager allows users to generate realistic personal finance reports. Budget Forecaster’s user friendly report generation engine allows finance users to generate custom financial reports with ease. The reports are customizable and formatted to meet the needs of individuals, small businesses, and large businesses.
■ Budget Forecaster is based on the philosophy of helping individuals, small businesses, and large businesses to plan, manage, and track their personal finances. Budget Forecaster home budget software can be used as a family budgeting tool. It also can be used as a sole point of management for personal, small business and family finances. Budget Forecaster is an extremely easy to use personal finance management software.


System Requirements For Budget Forecaster:

* Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8
* Hardware: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card, 2 GB RAM (2 GB minimum), and
minimum 2 GB of disk space
* Java 7
* To play, the.exe version of the game will be required. If the above
requirements are not met, you will not be able to install the game.
* You need to have a WAV file of a pure sinusoid tone (pitches only,