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If you work with important or confidential data, there’s surely a software component that makes your computer difficult to breach. If not, then you might want to manually take action, and there are many ways this can be done. One method is to rely on applications like Handy Encryption to protect your files using a custom security code, and a powerful algorithm. Straightforward and easy to use A neat advantage is that the application doesn’t even need to be installed on your computer to properly function, with the possibility to run it directly from a USB flash drive. What’s more, the computer you use it on doesn’t get affected in any way, because registries don’t need to be modified. The application has a pretty straightforward approach on encryption. Every step of the way brings up a new window, and although there aren’t any descriptions, the overall design makes it easy even for inexperienced individuals to get the hang of it from the first few seconds of use. Encrypt any file in seconds As such, choosing to encrypt a file when the main window shows up, takes you to a dialog screen where you can select any kind of file, then specify a destination folder for the new one, as well as a name. You’re asked whether or not you want the original to be removed, but it’s best you remember the required password, otherwise content isn’t accessible anymore. To unlock an encrypted file, you merely need to run it, with the password prompt asking for the AES256 encryption key, as well as a destination to unpack. This can also be done from the main window, following the exact same steps. It would have been useful however, to be able to encrypt files directly from the system context menu. On an ending note All in all, we can say that the first and easiest way to secure a file is with a password. Since Windows doesn’t come with such a built-in function, applications like Handy Encryption make it easy even for inexperienced individuals to keep those important files safe. Thanks to an intuitive, lightweight design, it only takes a few seconds to protect just about anything.







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Thanks to its simplistic design, Handy Encryption is both easy to use and safe. Incredibly, the application doesn’t have to be installed to function properly. Just plug in a USB flash drive and a file is ready to be encrypted instantly, not even requiring a registry change. As it has two modes, you’re able to protect important files with a password, and secure other files with AES256 encryption. Handy Encryption can be downloaded from its developer’s website. Is It True that Every Human Being Can Be Successful Under the Conditions of the Science of Now? Our technology produces many miracles and wonders. The world is very different now than it was ever in the past and will be very different again in the future. Just a few hundreds of years ago, people couldn’t even imagine the technology we have today. Nevertheless, there is another aspect of our life that always remained the same: the human need for change, that is the constant pushing for development in all fields that we are engaged in. All people are caught in a constant process of regeneration and I don’t think that any single moment is a final one. In every moment there are new problems for every person to solve. I have not thought about them much, but each of us has to solve a lot of problems with our lives and with our choices which affect our future. Moreover, we don’t think about some important questions: Is it true that every person can be successful under the conditions of the science of now? Will he have the chance to enjoy life? Will our choice be able to do something good for all? We don’t know… We must think about it. We don’t know how many times we have an opportunity to change our lives. Will it be enough for all of us if we destroy all things in the world? It depends on each and every person. Will this change be positive? We will have to find this out by ourselves. Will it be possible? This is up to us. We have to decide. Everything that has happened has been the result of our choice. We will have to deal with a lot of issues. But if we use our creativity, we will be able to find a way. We are responsible for the results of our actions. O.T.S. – How to Protect Themselves from the Dark Side?

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Encrypt, decrypt, and decrypt anonymously. Handy Encryption makes it easy and safe to encrypt your files, even if you can’t install software on your computer. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of AES256 and blowfish algorithms, as well as use a custom security code, while never modifying or altering your registry. Hands off your data, in plain or cipher. Animate the Hexagon: Fingerprinting RSA and AES encryption algorithms have proven to be the best ways to authenticate your encrypted files. Tip of the Day: Make a memorable password that you can easily recall. Tools AES – Advanced Encryption Standard is an encryption algorithm used in many protocols and applications to protect against unauthorized access to data. AES256 – Advanced Encryption Standard with a 256 bits key. Blowfish – is a block cipher that was designed by Ross Anderson and Bruce Schneier, and was published in a paper in 1994. Like Advanced Encryption Standard, Blowfish is an encryption algorithm used to encrypt and decrypt data. RSA – The Rivest-Shamir-Adleman algorithm is a public-key algorithm based on integer factorization. Thanks for reading this review of Handy Encryption. Please rate this app. Don’t forget to leave a comment. App Questions Do you have a question about this app? Top Apps App Details UPDATED ON: Dec 19, 2014 SIZE 70,463,382 INSTALLATIONS: 50,000 – 100,000 LATEST VERSION: 2.20 REQUIRED ANDROID VERSION: 1.0 and up Permissions STORAGE modify/delete SD card contents Allows an application to write to the SD card. SYSTEM TOOLS prevent phone from sleeping Allows an application to prevent the phone from going to sleep. YOUR LOCATION GPS Allows the application to access the GPS hardware on the phone, and may offer to share this information with other applications. issue, did not address the issue of whether the prevailing party could have recovered, as part of attorney’s fees, the expenses incurred by defendant as a result of plaintiff’s dissolution and custody proceedings. The Supreme Court, however, in a subsequent decision has stated, in reliance on, and in apparent approval of 7ef3115324

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Handy Encryption encrypts your data using 256-bit AES algorithm and any password that you specify. It’s very easy to use and provides prompt encryption and decryption. Handy Encryption Features: * Multi-threaded to work faster * Separate folders for each file encryption * Automatic unpack files from other formats * Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Platforms * Save password locally NTFS Security NTFS compression 50% performance increase (check the performance benchmark) NTFS secure erase Encrypt NTFS Partition Handy Encryption screenshots Free Trial Handy Encryption will expire in 30 days if you did not purchase Handy Encryption before. Handy Encryption and Handy Encryption Product Key Handy Encryption is now available for free to try Handy Encryption is a fast and easy to use application. It’s simple, intuitive and powerful. Handy Encryption is the simplest way to protect files on your Windows PC. You can encrypt just about anything with just a few simple steps. NTFS compression NTFS compression 50% performance increase (check the performance benchmark) NTFS secure erase Encrypt NTFS Partition Handy Encryption offers the fastest way to encrypt and protect files. Handy Encryption encrypts files to increase disk space by up to 50%. Handy Encryption is easy to use and needs no experience to protect your data. Handy Encryption can be ran from the removable media, USB or CD/DVD and from your hard-disk. There is also an option to automatically unpack files to the destination folder so they do not have to be re-encrypted when needed. You can encrypt single files, multiple files, directories or drive partitions. You can also password protect Handy Encryption and select any password length between 1 to 20 characters. Handy Encryption can be set to automatically unpack or encrypt files automatically when you open them. We will never share your email address with anybody Just Download Handy Encryption and Enjoy The Free 30 Days Trial Download Handbook Encryption Screenshot Download Handbook Encryption Review 5-7 days for Processing Time and Very High Speed to Offer You the Best Handy Encryption Free Download. If you buy Handy Encryption You can Enjoy 24/

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Handy Encryption is a powerful file encryption tool that protects your data like a pro, while remaining extremely easy to use and install. Rated 1 out of 5 by Maybe a Good App But Needs More Features! Wow…I have a big problem with Handy Encryption. I downloaded it on my desktop and i can’t uninstall it! When I try it says “INSTALL ERROR”. I tried to delete the installer but it doesn’t come off. I can’t uninstall it. Date published: 2013-12-06 Rated 1 out of 5 by BabyPaizer worse than free app This app is worse than the free app. It’s even worse than SanDisk Password V2.0! Actually I think there is something wrong with my memory memory – a virus and other crap have taken over it! I tried to uninstall it but it won’t go because it has some app on my System – Windows 8.1. Date published: 2013-12-13 Rated 3 out of 5 by Teo81123 I could Uninstall it…. This app, just like the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one, the free one


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CPU: Intel 4th Gen Core i3-4130 (3.4GHz, 4 cores) or AMD FX-8350 (3.9GHz, 8 cores) or better Motherboard: ASRock Z170 OC Formula or other compatible motherboard Memory: 8GB (16GB recommended) HDD: 45GB free space Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Expansion Slots: 2 x PCIe