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WoW Armorywil open the door for you to enter and view all the WoW Armory statistics.
■ Yahoo! Widget Engine


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WoW Armory Free License Key Download

The WoW Armory is the official website for Blizzard’s WoW community. Find the latest news and happenings, and find the FAQ for the game with the WoW Armory, a database for players to find answers for their most common questions in the game.

Features of WoW Armory:
■ Discover the latest news for World of Warcraft and the WoW community
■ View the recent patch notes and find out what is new with WoW this week
■ Find the frequently asked questions with the FAQ section
■ Learn more about the World of Warcraft community and join in on the latest news and forum activity
■ Discover the latest news and events on our forums and read up on topics that people are discussing about
■ Learn how to manage your items and access your account information

Each of these features can be found below:


News for the WoW Community can be viewed by selecting the Weekly News tab at the top right of the page. This week’s article highlights the case of an American gamer who is accused of cheating in a European court.


Frequently asked questions can be viewed under the About Tab, then the Frequently Asked Questions. The FAQ is broken into several categories, including “Will I get banned for asking a question here?” and “I lost my original WoW Armory data, can I get a new one?”

World of Warcraft Community

Choose from the posts made in the WoW Forums, or browse the four Blogs. Each blog is maintained by a different person, including Archmage Vonral, Jynx, Lich Popsiel, or Mega_Phobia.

My Account

The My Account page provides players with the ability to manage their items and account information. From here, players can view a variety of items, such as how much gold or any of their tradeskills have been improved.

My Main Info

My Main Info is where most players will want to view most of their account information, including their level, real-life name, mailbox, items, tradeskills, achievements and reputation. Here, players can also access the character management page.

Account Management

Account Management is where players can change their password, edit their information and access their mail settings. Additionally, players can manage subscriptions, remove their toons, and switch servers.

Account Management is where most

WoW Armory Full Product Key Free [Mac/Win]

WoW Armory is a web-based marketplace that allows users to trade
items, gold, enchanting services, herbs, minerals, gems, crafted
items, gold and bank altars. After the guild bank, the WoW
Armory is the second most used bank by players in-game.

WoW Armory is the new service that will consolidate all of the
essential statistics that you may ever need into one location. With
a single intuitive interface, it allows you to view your goods,
bonds, bank altars, gold, professions, crafting recipes, reforging
suggestions, reputation changes and much more. The WoW Armory is
also completely mobile, meaning that you will be able to access
these statistics on the go at any time.

Avatar and Auction. Auction, search, and sell your current

Balances. Balance gold, dailies, time, and honor.

Bank. View and store all of your bank altars.

Channeling. If you are a shaman and do not wish to deal with
the clutter of spreadsheet analysis, you may optionally enter
the information that will allow the WoW Armory to show
how your talents and glyphs affect your casting times.

Edit. Adjust spell costs and properties.

General. View your recipes, professions, and the most recent
strategy changes.

Help. View help information on topics ranging from world
tips to glyph efficiency.

History. Access the Blizzard forums.

Misc. View recent strategy changes, faction specific changes,
trades and items.

Professions. View profession recipes, profession simulation,
professions rank, and your talent build.

Reputation. View your reputation and reputation changes.

Search. The quick search feature allows you to search by
item, rarity, price, tradable, tradeable, faction,
owner, quest, level, reputation and who bought/sold the item.

Tab. More information for each of the categories listed on
the main toolbar.

Trades. View your last 5 trades to learn how to create
your very own market on the WoW Armory.

UIP. View the most important UI components in the app.

WoW Armory User Interface:

Inside the WoW Armory is a very clean and streamlined
design. Here you can view your items, professions,

WoW Armory

OWAH is a plugin for World of Warcraft (hereinafter “WoW”) that provides information about your character, such as your characterís class, level, current faction, combat statistics (including damage dealt, damage taken, chance to critical hits, chance to resist spells, damage reduction, health, mana), abilities, buffs, debuffs, flasks and other such information. It also provides a character journal and the ability to display the contents of your bags and bank. If you play WoW, you must already have a Yahoo! account.
The primary purpose of OWAH is to display these statuses in a beautiful and easy to read format, allowing you to monitor your characterís abilities and resistances. In addition to this, it allows you to easily display your items in a format similar to that of the WoW Armor Preview Tool. You can see your loot, your storage, and your bank.
Also, from the web page above ( you can easily right click to add it to your “bookmarks” to help you with quick reference.
OWAH v10.3:
It will become version 10.3 soon.
Main improvements :
-Bookmarks: Each line that contains statistics is now a box with a title on top and bottom, a small box to the left and a larger box on the right containing the information of the line.
-The list of tabs is reduced, but more filters are added (like Creative Mode, Achievements, etc..)
-The display is a lot clearer and easier to read, including the banners. The format is also more consistent.
-More classes, races, and profs are added.
-The display for items is greatly improved.
-A new format for loot, bags, and bank is added.
-A LOT of new skins for items are added.
-Some expansions of items are added.
-Tons of bug fixes are included.
Only the addon version is available but you can have the addon working with 0.5.18.
To install, just drag and drop the update at (under addons, “the base addon is the only addon i know with no external need :p), or install with the addon manager in

What’s New in the?

The WoW Armory, created by Wilhelm Zorba, is a way for to view all your
WoW stats on one site. There are only a few things youll need. Enter your
Please note: Due to a recent update of the WoW Armory service we can NOT take any requests and must close this service. No further requests will be dealt with.
The WoW Armory lets you view your current item level, skinner, armor, and weapons.
Find your current item level, skinner, armor, and weapons to see what stats you have, and compare them with your
WoW Armory Screenshots – Page 1:
★ Search & Sort: Search for any stat or item.
★ Compare Items: Compare armor, weapons, and other items side-by-side.
★ Report Items: Report items for sale or trade.
WoW Armory Screenshots – Page 2:
★ Home Page: Enter your WoW Armory account and view your achievements, sales,
★ Collections: View your inventory, trade, and auctions.
★ Messages: Read your messages.
★ Reports: View or respond to your trades and sales.
Please Note: Due to privacy issues, the WoW Armory does not collect player’s social
WoW Armory Screenshots – Page 3:
★ Chat: Chat with fellow players using the built-in chat system.
WoW Armory Screenshots – Page 4:
★ Achievements: View your in-game achievements.
WoW Armory Screenshots – Page 5:
★ Stats: View all of your current stats.
WoW Armory Screenshots – Page 6:
★ Profile: View your unique profile.
WoW Armory Screenshots – Page 7:
★ Resources: View our WoW Armory resource guide.
Please note: At this time, the WoW Armory service will no longer be available due to recent updates.

Get some of the Best features of Wowarmory and WOWAi.
It is a WOW Armory clone – a WoW armory twin of a
It is made to imitate wowarmory, but the functionality is taken from WOWAi
Currently i have the following features:
★ Search & Sort: Sort any stat or item (Currently working on sorting weapons and armor).
★ Comparison: You can compare an item in more than one way like a color chart or go side by side.
★ Reporting:

System Requirements For WoW Armory:

Note: the default audio sample rate is 44.1 kHz, the PCM audio can only be played at this setting. If your phone supports audio streaming at higher bitrates than PCM then you will need to switch the default sample rate to one of the higher sample rates.
Audio Capture Device: Microphone
Mute: Microphone
Advanced Settings: No
Advanced Settings: Yes
Advanced Settings: Off
Advanced Settings: On
(Note: for the