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“The Elden Ring”, a new fantasy action RPG game, is developed by the team which has gained the experience of producing “Fate/Grand Order”.
The “Fate” brand has a record of developing fantasy action RPGs, and after achieving worldwide popularity as a destination game for iOS and Android, it has been expanding to include smartphone games. With over 90 million paid downloads, the games have been experiencing significant growth.
• A Legendary Franchise After the “Fate” Brand
With the unprecedented popularity, “The Elden Ring” is turning into a platform that can be added to the “Fate” franchise in the future. The high versatility of the “Fate” brand will be further developed, and a tremendous amount of support will be provided.

▼ Features


1. An Epic Drama Full of Excitement
A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

2. Create Your Own Character
In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

3. A High Skill System to Achieve Your Own Goals
After enhancing your skills by leveling-up and accumulating [various stat items] for your character, your [fighting] proficiency will significantly increase, and you will be able to attack enemies more reliably. By practicing various techniques while your characters are low in the stat, you will be able to obtain the skills required to overcome your enemies.

4. Exploration of a Highly Detailed World
A large world is spread throughout the game which is rendered with detailed locations and scenery, and the night and day cycles are implemented in order to offer a unique atmosphere. The story takes place at the time when the legendary Dragon, Boreas, awoke from the sleep of ages.

5. A Special Action Online System
The game’s interface is designed to allow for easier participation in the game. Moreover, special actions have been implemented to allow for online interactions more easily. Although there are many tasks that have been delegated to other people in the future, you will


Features Key:

  • Evil Spirit-strengthening Enhancements
    Satisfyingly beat up the evil spirits who are invading the world and strengthen your character.

  • Three-dimensional Castles
    Be the first to test your prowess in raiding deep dungeons in modern 3D environments.

  • Character Skills
    Delve deeply into the Arcane Arts and unravel the mysteries of the Elden Ring.

    Enjoy the Adventure through Pregnancy
    Game characters come to life with full-color animation and sound effects throughout the game.
    Those cursed by pregnancy will be able to enjoy the cast of characters in their hormone-driven state when you start the game.

    You can check it out at www.babolab.com/en/2017/05/08/elden-ring.html

    Thank you for playing!

    The original Japanese version of Elden Ring will be be released in early June.

    We wish a pleasant ride on this new platform!

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    ■ A wide range of content, such as various types of monsters, important NPCs, storyline quests, the Lands Between, and more, are prepared for you to play

    ■ Differently crafted game scenarios are mixed at levels from Easy to Hard, and the difficulty of the areas and dungeons increases as the game progresses

    ■ Many events will occur when you play, such as physical fights, battles with monsters, changes to your character, effects of story quests, customization of your character, and more

    ■ With a highly detailed 2D world, you can walk around freely without falling and execute actions at the speed of real-time

    ■ Various types of skills are available, such as direct and indirect attacks, melee, magic, and items, all of which can be combined freely

    ■ Various types of weapons are available, each with its own style of attack and its own benefits

    ■ A large amount of equipment and items are on sale for you to use in the game

    ★ ★ Strong Points

    ■ Let’s Play with Friends!

    Come and join your friends on Let’s Play Live!

    ■ A Variety of Creatures and Monsters

    A variety of creatures and monsters await you in the various gameplay areas

    ■ Storyline with Different Worlds

    In addition to a story route in the Land Between, you can freely play through the different worlds of the Lands Between

    ■ Lord + Offline Online

    A large, vast, and rich world awaits you in the Lord
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    What’s new:

    All Players will be Receiving the Omega Event!

    Omega Event Lineup

    Updated on October 31st

    Short-Term Destiny Plan Upon Release Outlined aya
    Seimei no Miia will be adding the following quests to the quest list.

    In the Future, New Style Event Contact The Seimei Department
    Will Make its Return

    Tentative Acquisition of New Targets Aiming for October 30th

    Blank Demo Demo Version Demo Version Demo Version on the Way

    Demo Version Update

    Blank 0.0.0 Demo Version Update

    The main feature of the Omega will be new phases! The Omega can start with one phase of 6-10 hours. After this, it will proceed to the new phase to be determined when it starts. The word “Omega” means “beginning or ending”. We wish for every Omega user to enjoy the great new beginning awaiting on October 30th, and since February 2nd is still past the standard amount of time for new phase updates, we have decided to extend it to October 30th.

    Moreover, you can get a PvP restriction from October 19th for the week starting on October 22nd.

    From October 14th to October 18th, you can get 999 Gold for your hunter after coming to the Black Spirit’s Tower from the Arcane dungeon.

    From October 14th to October 18th, you can get 1 Prestige Mission from the Arcane Dungeon. Your character will drop 1 Prestige Mission and 5 Arcane Gemstones of the same kind for completing the Arcane Game in the Ghost Tower or Black Spirit’s Tower. When you use Arcane Gemstones, the Arcane Enchantment will receive a bonus. You can look below for further information.

    From October 14th to October 18th, with


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    Requirements :

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    RAM = 6GB

    HD DIsk = 6GB

    Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10

    ELDEN RING size: 8.9GB

    What’s New in The Project Games


    Main features:

    – A free and modern role-playing game where monsters come out at night.
    – A free and modern fantasy action RPG, where you will do a journey to the world of the Elden Ring.
    – A free and modern fantasy RPG where you can set out on your own adventure.
    – A free and modern fantasy action RPG, where you will fall into a world of Darkness and Rise up!

    What’s New in The Project Games

    ELDEN RING updates :

    – Background adjustments and map and monster adjustments.
    – New scenarios.
    – Upgrade and new content.
    – More maps and scenarios.
    – Adjustments to the game.
    – Adjustments to the map.

    What’s New in The Project Games

    ELDEN RING updates:

    – Background adjustments and map and monster adjustments.
    – New scenarios.
    – Upgrade and new content.
    – More maps and scenarios.
    – Adjustments to the game.
    – Adjustments to the map.

    What’s New in The Project Games

    ELDEN RING updates :

    – Background adjustments and map and monster adjustments.
    – New scenarios.
    – Upgrade and new content.
    – More maps and scenarios.
    – Adjustments to the game.
    – Adjustments to the map.

    What’s New in The Project Games

    ELDEN RING updates :

    – Background adjustments and map and monster adjustments.
    – New scenarios.
    – Upgrade and new content.
    – More maps and scenarios.
    – Adjustments to the game.
    – Adjustments to


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    The minimum specifications for Minecraft are as follows:
    Windows 10/8.1
    Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
    Windows Server 2008 (32/64-bit)
    Mac OS 10.9+
    Linux (Ubuntu 14.04+)
    Required hard drive size: 3.5 GB. You may use SSDs up to 2 TB in capacity. (Note that Minecraft may not run on some operating systems without a different compatibility mode. You may find some older versions of Minecraft to be compatible with other operating systems. While