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And for some reason, if i also insert between my original string a space, it will return me a new one:
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Both the options will work.

Using backslashes

\t – Shows the tab character

– Shows the newline character
\r – Shows the carriage return character
\b – Shows the backspace character

Using double quotes

‘” – Shows the double quote character
“” – Shows the single quote character

Note – The backslashes, double quotes and single quotes will replace the newline characters.
For example, if I wanted to replace all occurrences of ” – I would do something like this:
sed -i’s/”/”\””/g’ fileName

If I wanted to do this for tabs:
sed -i’s/\t/”\\t/g’ fileName

// Copyright (C) 2011 Davis E. King (
// License: Boost Software License See LICENSE.txt for the full license.

#include “../algs.h”
#include “function_abstract.h”
#include “../general_functions.h”

namespace dlib

// —————————————————————————————-

class trainer_test : noncopyable
– is_training == false
– best_error == 0
– progress_estimator == 0
– training_samples == 0
– training_errors == 0

This object represents a test suite for trainers. It tests each

So maybe the pattern will help (also needed for the detect function to work):

N.B.: Tested with Python 2.7.4, RegEx should work in any language

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Ionic mobile app, how do I add login feature?

I have a mobile app built on Ionic, it is a beginner level app. My question is, how do I add a login feature?
I am reading other questions like this one, and this one, but I have no idea how I can implement this.
I have a Tastypower App:
I have a Login View Controller:
Login View Controller
I’d like to know how to create my login view controller.
I am planning to implement the Login View Controller above into my app, but I am unsure how I can implement this,


I found out what I am trying to do is actually called Single-Sign-On,
and when I found a android library called Exponent, it looks like what I need.

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I tried many times to fix it, but I can not. The Task Manager is also not working (it is a Windows classic). I have to fix it before I change the settings for certain games. I do not want to live without my computer.
The following shows up in my Event Viewer:
Part 1
Event Type: Error
Event Source: IDECompression.dll
Event Category: None
Event ID: 0
Date: 05/23/2016
Time: 11:46:16 AM
User: N/A
Computer: UltimateDownloader
Faulting application uxtheme.dll, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x00000000.
Error in TestGeneral (hr=0x80070057).
at IDECompression.CustomDecompressionStream(IntPtr pFile, IntPtr pInFile, IntPtr pOutFile, Boolean fCalculateHash)
at IDECompression.TryCreateCustomDecompressionStream(SafeStgMedium& medium)
at IDECompression.CreateCustomDecompressionStream(SafeStgMedium& medium)
at IGraphBuilder.SetOption(IDeStreamInfoProxy pStream, IFolderFolderPerfStats fStats, UInt32 uIndex, UInt32 uData1, UInt32 uData2)
at IGraphBuilder.RemoveAllGraphs()
at IGraphBuilder.Remove()
at IGraphBuilder.InitializeDialogAndView()
at IGraphBuilder.InitializeGraphModules()
at IGraphBuilder.Add()
at IGraphBuilder.Add()
at IGraphBuilder.UpdateGraphs()
at IDECompression.InitializeDecompressionEngine()
at IDECompression.OnInit()
at IGraphBuilder.Clone()
at IGraphBuilder.Update()

Part 2
Event Type: Error
Event Source: WdwgCore.exe
Event Category: None
Event ID: 100
Date: 05