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-CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON: Based in London, just released his latest solo electronic album, Global Vibes, after two EPs on 140 records.
-This game is his first creation.
-This game is made to play in short sessions, in the time it takes you to run for your life.
-The music is by Jono Ma on Deja Vu. He designed the game, along with Emily Gilchrist (artist, animator, voice actor, model, and writer) and Tim Lambert.
-Based on the comic “Run and Hide” by my lovely roommate, Tim Lambert.
-This game was inspired by the book “Lazarus” by Kij Johnson.


Can I also have the shotgun?
The shotgun is the only weapon without reach.
Frowny face is the weakest ability but it deals the most damage.
Nuclear bomb only exists as a sound, not an actual effect.
Tiny Sonic and the smallest projectile is the smallest projectile.
The grandest projectile is the farthest projectile.
You can’t directly see the effects of your abilities.
Your starting point is in the center of the map, and you start with one suit of armor.
You run past the same set of four enemy walls throughout the entire game.


My character was given just 50 seconds to decide which power to use:

The ability to throw debris has a radius of 5
Every time you die, the enemy team will select one teammate to have a visual depiction of sorrow for the next 2 minutes
When you buy junk, it’s additonal junk
The first time you pick up a powerup or item, you can use it immediately or store it for future use.

So, given these limitations…
Item that does not increase damage is:

Wiskey Bottle – improves your speed and increases distance of thrown objects.

You would want:

Solid-Cement Ball – 1/2 damage (throws a solid ball).

Item that increases damage but not radius is:

Energizer Pen – gives your basic attacks 4 damage, and your thrower power attacks 7 damage.

You would want:

Fire Bomb – 1/2 damage (burns foes).

Item that increases your radius but not the damage is:

Crazy Flour – makes your thrower power attacks and throws objects


New Yankee In King Arthur’s Court Features Key:



New Yankee In King Arthur’s Court [Win/Mac] 2022

Main Assembly is the latest video game from the creators of Little Big Planet, to be released on PlayStation 4. Use Little Big Planet’s signature Sackboy to build a vast variety of creative robots and vehicles, and smash everything in sight. The game features ‘gamepad friendly’ controls, as well as a specialised, dedicated crafting system, and easy, intuitive selection of iconic robot and vehicle types with unique abilities.

Less Info:


Video Games

$19.99 USD

Main Assembly is a free to play, endless online game from the creators of Little Big Planet, SCEE’s best-selling PlayStation®Vita title.

Play with or against friends in a variety of local and online multiplayer modes. Fight back against AI enemies in endless survival mode. Spin the multifaceted story on your own or with your friends.

Main Assembly is a frictionlessly inventive playground, where the sky’s the limit. It’s a game made for fast and instinctive play, and designed to let players pursue their own creative vision.

Powered by a free to play model, the game features a non-linear story with a variety of characters, missions, and environments. It is unique in its cooperative multiplayer and free-form gameplay.

Key Features:
Free to Play. You can play for free if you wish.
Player-driven Missions. Free your creativity with expansive freeform crafting tools, and craft your own personalized weapons, buildings, vehicles and other creative resources that you can later use.
User-generated content. You control what you create. Build and destroy whatever you want.
Nonlinear Story. There’s a full story to play through that will feature various side missions that you can complete to unlock new characters, items and locations.
Character Customization. Fight back against AI enemies in endless survival mode. Spin the multifaceted story on your own or with your friends.
Free play with friends. Co-op, solo or drop-in/drop-out – you can play anytime and with any friend, or local gamer, in a variety of multiplayer modes, including 4-player split-screen and 5-player online.
Free Flow Multiplayer. Play free-form and infinitely fast-paced competitive multiplayer against your friends or the AI.
Endlessly Evolving Power-Ups. Create your own


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The Music is a true realization of the original DJMAX RESPECT V game’s vision for the final “Step into the challenge and become the ultimate DJ with all the right equipment!” gameplay.
You can not miss the incredible original soundtrack by Masato Nakamura which was released during the development of DJMAX RESPECT V!A total of 44 tracks and 2 remixes included!

Ask HN: Software to generate a Excel chart? – dgudkov

The following scenario:
There are many users in a system. Now, every user wants to create a dashboard or a chart (line chart, bar chart, pie chart, etc…)What tools are you using for this and what do you think is best for this?
Use Excel to graphically show your users where their data has been redirected

You can use the Visual Basic for Applications language to create charts of
arbitrary data types; for each data series, each different line color can
reflect a different value in one column for that data.

I recommend the free Charting for Office suite of packages:

Your data source can be a shared folder on your Windows / mac computer, or
your SQL database, or whatever your prefer to use.

The Real-World Use Cases of the Internet – randomwalker

I like this article, but there are some interesting points in the article.

For example, the article claims that the WWW took the best characteristics of
various mediums, and forms the best. It doesn’t really bother to explain why.

The main point of the article that I disagree with is that the WWW is not
largely used for communication.

The article implies that the Internet is the Internet. This is unfortunate,
as people often use it to point to other resources on the Internet. For the
most part, the Internet is a lot like the street, a place where people
intermingle. Only people of a specialized field ever think of the Internet as
anything more than a data store.

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What’s new in New Yankee In King Arthur’s Court:

    // if (in[‘lev’].compare(c) value.empty())
    // continue;
    // isConfigOption &=” == *it->value;
    // }
    // // TODO
    // // if we print all options
    // // config options, no user input
    // // required, no selectable
    // // no duplicate
    // if (isConfigOption &&!keep)
    // continue;
    // if (!in[‘props’].empty() && cfg.stdin) {
    // if (!in[‘props’].empty())
    // dlog(“stdin: %s”, in[‘props’].c_str());
    // else
    // dlog(“stdin: []”);
    // cerr << endl;


    Download New Yankee In King Arthur’s Court [Win/Mac] (Updated 2022)

    Interstate Drifter 1999 is a game that puts the driver in his one-man minivans, trucks, busses, and/or other multi-passenger vehicles.

    Development & Description

    Interstate Drifter 1999 is an arcade-style driving game made in the late 80’s.
    There are three game play modes: 2 player split screen (each player on a different LCD screen), 4 player tournament, and a single player mode.
    Each vehicle has one, single, realtime controlled speed.
    The vehicles can be controlled manually by the player with either of the following keys: mouse or a joypad.
    Also, the player can choose his turn speed from one of three speeds: slow, medium, and fast.
    Also, the player can travel in two opposite lanes at a time; in the other two other lanes there is nothing to do.
    If the player wants to cross over the lanes which are not controlled by him, he must pay a penalty.

    There are more than 100 different road types.
    From asphalt to sand, from concrete to dirt, no matter if it’s paved or unpaved: it’s all possible!
    Road construction workers are present, repairing or building roads during gameplay.
    The player can avoid road construction areas by paying a repair fee or by passing them.
    The player can also choose a shorter route for a faster time.
    With either of the three single-player game play modes (Tournament, singles, and control panel), the player travels along an original road map.
    Depending on the control panel the player uses, different maps can be selected, such as continental USA or the USA-crossing Interstate Highway System.
    There are a lot of different cities to visit during the gameplay.
    If the player visits a city too much and the road map is changed, a new route will appear in the map.
    Only three cities are offered to the player as a starter: Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.
    More than one city can be visited during the game.

    Game Modes & Progress
    The tournament mode is, in comparison to the other two modes, the most interactive.
    During the course of a tournament, the player encounters continuously new rivals in a 8 player rotating tournament.
    Every time the player loses, the player is either knocked out of the tournament or out of the race.
    For each round, the competition picks one of the three control modes and the ranking goes up to 10


    How To Install and Crack New Yankee In King Arthur’s Court:

  • Copy The Exact Contents Of The Tutorial We Provided Above and Paste It to TheTextBox
  • double click on “Actions” and paste down the crack Folder.
  • double click on “Features” and paste down the Folder.
  • run the game as administrator.

This tutorial is 100% free of ads and officially supported by the developers.

What’s included:

  • English version of game Existence.
  • English language tutorial to get you started.
  • English dictionary.
  • Existence Game Host.
  • English Casual Chat Channel.


This software is freeware, no hidden overhead and absolutely free.
It costs you absolutely nothing.

Company: Juicy Game Front
How to use this tutorial:

  • Copy the parts of this tutorial we provided above
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You may also go here [scribd]

This is the full version of the tutorial, but the part with the crack has been removed:
– Fix a bug when the private and public chat boxes were hidden in the lobby & were displayed if you pressed the “2” while the private chat was activated.
– Fix “^C” not working sometimes while you’re playing.
– Fix “^E” not working sometimes when you’re typing a word in the dictionary.


System Requirements:

Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.8
Processor: Intel Core i3-2330M / AMD A10-7870K
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon HD 5870
Storage: 8 GB
Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
Processor: Intel Core i7-4790K
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or ATI Radeon R9 290


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