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In the breathtaking medieval world of Valekar, something has gone terribly wrong. The beautiful sunflower-like fruits have started to turn into black empty shells. The evil forest lord, Ironcaster has captured the Great Tree, the soul of the ancient forest, and has imposed on it his will. The Heart of the Great Tree is nearby, and it is the only thing that can save the forest.
The trees are dying one by one, and the humans have to do something quickly and find the Heart of the Great Tree. If the Heart of the Great Tree has become a black shell, the ancient forest will perish!
This adventure puzzle game is full of fantasy magic!
What will you do?

Puzzle Game – You must solve the puzzles to reach the exit.
It is not about clicking any menu items, you need to find the suitable items and items to complete the puzzle.
How to play:
– Click the icons and drop them into the correct places.
– You need to find the drop icon items in the first puzzle level.
– You need to click on the puzzle item to turn it into an item that you can drop to the next level.
– You need to find the puzzle items and the drop item to start another puzzle.
– Continue to reach the exit screen.
– You can use hint, you can click the ‘L’ icon to view the hint.
– You can use the settings in the menu to control and save game progress.
Game Features:
1. 100+ levels with various puzzles
2. Each puzzle has its own easy and difficult level
3. Casual puzzle game, no matter how long you play, you will not get bored
4. Challenge yourself with new level
5. Play the game for fun with friends

Not quite ordinary girl. A virgin in the world of sex.
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8 years of experience in the production of adult games!
Capable of exciting and immersive stories in the sex niche. Have beautiful and sexy avatars!
Have an amazing erotic soundtrack.

Interactive game and a chance of meeting girls with their own profiles,
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An interactive sex game, where you can pick a girl from the 7 options – choose your girlfriend, and enjoy all of her sex adventures.

In this game, you will meet the girl of your


Features Key:

  • Real-time balance of snow and ice – In this snow fall game you are a snowplow driver. You have to handle your snow plow by carefully selecting the right speed and direction according to the changing snow conditions. You need to avoid hitting cows and you have to avoid collisions with trees. Your job is to design the perfect path for trucks and trees.
  • True random map generation – Ice cubes fall constantly on the map. However, the number of real cubes varies according to the amount of snow falling on the map.
  • True City Mode – Feel like a trucker in the new trucking simulator. Build the highest levels and the fastest routes – this is the only city level pack game. Grab your shovel and get going!
  • Worldwide leaderboards – Check you position and also compete with your friends.
  • Super realistic truck physics – This truck driving game features the same physics as real trucks: suspensions, transmission and engine interaction. The driving feel is truly authentic, and your truck will look realistic under any weather condition.


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Today, people take their cars and passengers for a spin in luxury over short distances, day after day in the same direction. But perhaps you would like to experience the sensation of the wind flowing through the hair, the scent of the setting sun in the evening or the scent of the newly mown grass in the morning.

The simulation game MyCars-Driving Simulator lets you travel into the car. Choose the desired starting point and enjoy the realistic engine sound and dynamic look of the car.

Get your passengers in the right seat for the perfect experience in the driving simulator: You can drive cars with rear, front and left or right side doors (and even via helicopter).

Make all your passengers happy while experiencing a relaxing drive or make them jump out at the first stop.

And: Create your own driving routes. For example: You could choose a route with a series of stops at the most beautiful places in the world, or one where you can try to drive as fast as possible, or perhaps it is the most speed-oriented world marathon.

Your choice – just create your own driving routes in your private world in the app.

In the game MyCars-Driving Simulator, you can play with a partner or with other users via internet.

Game features:

Enjoy a driving experience and its effects on human life in a dynamic simulation: Your passengers will experience extreme emotions and mental states depending on the route and the mood of the driver

Choose your own destination: The world of MyCars is a dynamic driving simulator world. With the app MyCars-Driving Simulator, you can travel through the land of MyCars and experience a life in the car. Choose the most scenic routes or drive around in the world marathon.

Especially designed interfaces: Experience a driving experience that is vivid and realistic. Even the smallest details of the car are reproduced in detail in the game. Special effects on the screen surface, the windshield and the steering wheel allow a realistic driving experience.

Full of surprises: At any time, your passengers can become happy, angry, unhappy, calm, excited or afraid. Feel and experience the emotions of your passengers in real time. Make your passengers happy while driving for a long distance or make them jump out at first stop.

What’s new:

Join the community and get access to the growing range of things that interest you in the game: There is now a quest in the game,


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Main Features:Fixed aim assist. Power ups increase your score.Move and stab fast with an easy to control virtual blade.See the living world through an unknown, futuristic filter.Realistic falling blocks and objects.There are 3 bonus stages that are unlocked after the completion of the game.It’s easy to reach a new high score.Dodge bullets and avoid falling blocks.Good luck!
Keep playing along to our seasonal Journey version and soon our 2017 Journey version will be released too!
About This Content
In ARMS League, you go through the map to find all the items. Then, you will use them to fight your opponent.
You can make your own character, and equip him or her with items!
There are several kinds of items, and they will have their own effects.
There are level restrictions on items, and each has a unique effect.
There are 2 modes:
The goal is to knock the opponent out.
-Can be played online, and also offline with local connections
The goal is to get as much distance as possible!
-Can be played online and also offline with local connections
Strategy Game.
Easy to play, but the strategic gameplay will keep you on your toes!
Can you become the master?
The goal is to beat the opponent and become the Champion!
-Can be played online and also offline with local connections
Are you ready to join the fun?
You will enjoy over 30 kinds of game modes, over 100 kinds of items, and intense multiplayer fights!
New heroes will be joining the game in the near future!
Have a look at the latest news on our official site

You will want to pick this up for the intense battles!
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Yours, The Kabu Team
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