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The city building real time strategy (rts) game type that’s free to download and play – no in-game purchases, no ads or microtransactions.
We’re working hard to take this game to the top! Please play our game and rate it.


The city building real time strategy game type that’s free to download and play.
The game simulates city and industry management during its growth and development – efficiently manage the resources and build roads, research and construct factories.
Build a nuclear, military or fossil energy facility, research the required technologies and unlock new industry types and research facilities.
Solve puzzles and complete challenges in the campaign levels to unlock perks and cool rewards, make other players and the computer AI play more coolly and achieve different goals.


Build an empire city.
The game is played in a turn-based rts simulation with large map sizes.
As a trader you can travel the city in real time, build houses and industry, manage factories and research labs and research technologies – you build the city you want to.
Industries and industries produce different resources.
Transport resources to your city with your trucks or in a train.
Place houses, labs, piers, ports, police facilities and military installations.
Build streets, roads and tunnels.
Not only does a city have to be economically and production-wise well-functioning, but also have a strong defense to survive the common wars and attacks of other civilizations.
City management during peacetime is also interesting.
Build additional research facilities and purchase their technologies. Research for the latest technologies and unlock new industry types and research facilities.


You play against computer opponents with different strategies and goal settings on 10 different difficulty levels and against players from our Steam friends list.


Story mode.
Collect yourself on 6 campaign levels that have different gameplay mechanics (challenges, resource management, diplomatic relations, the railway situation, etc.)
In these levels you are playing against the computer AI on increasing difficulties and your goals are to achieve the highest score or complete the campaign as fast as possible.
The gameplay mechanics are explained for each level.

— — — About the Economy Simulation — — — —

The game simulates city and industry management during its growth and development.


Roadworks 2 Features Key:

  • 3D road bombing game with great graphics and atmosphere
  • Team Play, Co-op
  • 2 player local and network multiplayer
  • Various game modes and maps
  • 2-4 player Skirmish modes
  • Match events
  • Win the game to finish the level
  • Action game mode: Destruction mode,
    the object is… to destroy all buildings before the other team does
  • 1-4 player Hardcore mode: The game means business.
  • Roadworks 2 Game Key

    • Windows PC
    • Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2
    • 800×600 screen resolution
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 20 GB hard drive space
    • DirectX 9.0

    Roadworks 2 Game Description:

    Already a hit for PC users was the first expansion version Roadworks 1. Using the same addictive gameplay and team-play concept, the new edition introduces a new game type, destruction mode, and several map designs.

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    Roadworks 2

    Roadworks 2 takes the classic simulation city building formula to an all new level with full editor tools, UI improvements, campaign levels, long term goals, more units and buildings and much more.
    Additional features include:-
    – Local Multiplayer with Steam matchmaking through Skirmish Mode
    – Fully synchronizable on leaderboards and Cloud
    – Highly customizable graphical settings to play the game how you want
    – Various game levels where players must decide how to best shape their cities into the most efficient production machine
    – Fully support for traditional TBS size maps up to 2048×2048
    – Completely feature-free and lean engine for fast and smooth game play
    – Many support for keyboard and mouse with gamepad support
    – High replayability with procedurally generated maps and huge variety of buildings
    How to Play Roadworks 2:
    – Each player starts with the same limited amount of resources, building distance and land
    – The game centers around the construction of houses, factories and other city buildings
    – Construction and production take a lot of time
    – It is crucial to lay out a strong road network in order to efficiently transport resources around the map
    – To influence each other’s resources, players try to destroy the resources of their opponents
    – Win by being the first to develop buildings and lay roads
    The key is the implementation of repetitive tasks, like making roads or assigning resources to individual buildings.
    Roadworks 2 has been designed for people who like a game with a lot of content, but still comes with excellent playability.
    Buildings themselves are pretty simple: You build walls and factories to produce the needed raw materials and deploy units to provide protection.
    Units can directly be assigned to a building, you can also give them a route through your road network where they take their supplies from or pay a toll to get there.
    At some point all units will demand resources, which you can get from the land you own or from your opponents.
    Roadworks 2’s menu is well designed and extremely easy to understand.
    Your actions are all based on the currently selected “Project Menu”, everything else is only for entertainment.
    Your resources can be purchased with real money and from your opponent. You will want to purchase as much as possible.
    Playing Roadworks 2 can be a bit challenging when you start out. You will have to build factories to produce the necessary raw materials yourself.
    Manufacturing is indeed pretty difficult in the beginning, but as you grow and unlock new factories the game becomes much easier and predictable.


    Roadworks 2 Crack + [Latest 2022]

    – The start is the same as in roadworks 1
    – Just think about the different mechanics you need to find to win the levels:
    – Make sure the roads are as long as possible
    – Stop unnecessary factories (by driving trucks or planes over them)
    – Make sure traffic is either coming or going
    – Make sure that the train’s running and that trucks have enough fuel
    – Stop unnecessary coal mines (3 different minable resources)
    – Avoid resource overlaps
    – Buy enough fuel for the trucks when needed
    – Take advantage of the fuel to build as many vehicles as possible
    – Drive as fast as possible
    – Get as many resources as possible
    – Don’t build roads next to other roads
    – Make sure to buy and sell trucks when needed
    – Get some money to spend them.
    – Don’t buy coal and oil simultaneously
    – Start a city or an industrial zone right in the middle of your map
    – Buy land and build houses and industries immediately
    – Use any resource as soon as it’s available
    – Build the first road that reaches a resource
    – Place a coal mine on a resource when possible
    – Build the city closest to the resource

    * Tips for multiplayer (Steam):
    – Make sure the other people play only on the shared map, don’t start a city on your map.
    – Do not use up too much coal mines
    – Do not use up too much trucks
    – Don’t play too aggressively
    – Buy a more efficient coal mine (e.g. a bigger one)
    – Buy a more efficient truck (e.g. with a better engine)
    – Don’t use up your fuel

    * Bugs:
    – Fix some graphics/sound and game crashes
    – Fix some AI:
    – More military units instead of only 2
    – The AI should try to build more roads when possible

    Screenshot: – Screenshot of campaign modes(account will be on Steam): – Screenshot of level 1 of campaign modes.(account will be on Steam): – Screenshot of level 2 of campaign modes.(account will be on Steam): – Screenshot of level 3 of campaign modes.

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