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TechSmithCamtasiaStudio911Build2546x64LicenseKeysSerialKey [WORK]



As you can see it’s downloading different files and shows two different downloads for each file. How can I make all files get downloaded at the same time?
I’m using bluehost with php7.2.


First of all, it’s considered bad practice to use the same name for two files. You’re likely to have problems if you upload two different files under the same name.
The second problem is caused by the fact that you’re making two HTTP calls. That’s not going to be very fast, and actually it might be slower than just having a single HTTP request because there’s more data to transfer. Also, it adds an extra delay.
If you only have two or three files to download, then it’s a small price to pay. But if you have thousands of them, then be aware that your website will load slower and that you can reduce bandwidth usage a lot by only downloading the most recent files.

About the question in the title:
To get all the files under one single HTTP request, you’ll have to set up a server with a folder called public_html. Upload all your files into this folder.
Then open a file in your browser and insert this URL:

… and this URL to all the other files:

You don’t need the third last file in the URL, as it won’t get displayed in your browser.
What happens now is that when the browser visits the first URL, it will try to download the file. Since there’s nothing in the URL, it will not be able to find the file, and thus it will fail.
Your browser then visits the second URL. Since there’s a file in the URL, it will find the file and it will be downloaded. Then your browser will get the third URL, but since it already downloaded the second URL, it won’t be downloaded again. This continues and you end up having a lot of different files downloaded at the same time.
Instead, you need to remove the files from your public_html folder, so that they don’t get downloaded anymore.
If you also have a FTP server on your server and you want to upload the files instead, you’ll have to do the same, so that the browser doesn’t try to download them.

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