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AutoCAD 20.1 Crack + [March-2022]

AutoCAD is a line drawing program, or so-called “drafting” application that is commonly used to create graphics and technical drawings for commercial and technical projects. Its name derives from a combination of “automated” and “CAD”, and it originated from the 1982 Autocad system developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Autodesk. Its origins as a commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application. Developed and marketed by Autodesk, AutoCAD was first released in December 1982 as a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers. Before AutoCAD was introduced, most commercial CAD programs ran on mainframe computers or minicomputers, with each CAD operator (user) working at a separate graphics terminal. AutoCAD is also available as mobile and web apps.

AutoCAD offers architectural drafting tools and architectural graphics. Using its powerful “Dynamics” drawing and drafting tools, AutoCAD users can, for example, create buildings, roads, railways, and tunnels, among others. It can also be used for prototyping and architectural modelling for interior and exterior design.

The original AutoCAD was a DOS-based 2D graphics application, but with the release of AutoCAD R17 in 1995, it became the first program to include 3D construction drafting tools, enabling users to construct a variety of buildings, interiors, and other designs. This was followed by releases in 2002 and 2009 that included 2D mechanical drafting tools and the ability to create a range of 3D mechanical objects.

The 2015 version of AutoCAD also became the first version to be available on both Windows and macOS platforms. AutoCAD 2016 is the first version of AutoCAD to include the ability to create PDF and DWF files.

The primary graphical user interface (GUI) of AutoCAD is a 3D representation of a drawing board, with the user controlling the placement of points and lines by moving the cursor. These controls are represented on the screen by colored circles, with the cursor indicated by a small arrow (as shown in the above image).

Before each command, a small box labeled with the command name appears. Clicking on this box causes the cursor to change its shape to the appropriate control.

The user can move the cursor with the keyboard arrows (up, down, left, and right) or the mouse (click and drag).

Left-click to place

AutoCAD 20.1 [April-2022]

Community Add-ons (Autodesk Exchange Apps)

In addition, Autodesk offers a Community Add-on store which is a web-based store where users can download and purchase add-ons to enhance the functionality of Autodesk products.


In 2009, Autodesk introduced the.NET Framework for Windows.NET as a scripting environment for AutoCAD..NET is able to be invoked from both AutoLISP and VBA and can access commands through the Automation Server (AS). In addition, AutoLISP can create.NET executables and VBA can create.NET classes.

Third-party products

Autodesk has also released third-party products that integrate into AutoCAD in order to enhance it, such as:

In 2011, Autodesk acquired a company that would evolve into many Autodesk products and so the vector-based AutoCAD software is now called Autodesk Inventor.

Autodesk Architecture
Autodesk Architecture (AutoCAD Architecture, formerly Building Design, is a suite of tools for creating, analysing, and presenting three-dimensional models, their dynamics, and the decisions and information used to generate them. Some applications include:

Parametric Design Technology
In 2010, Autodesk acquired the Parametric Design Technology product Parametric Design which was previously known as ParaView. Parametric Design Technology is a cross-platform and cross-vendor solution that enables parametric visualization, design optimization, and interactive engineering. It was initially developed by Cognivue as a product called ‘Software for Topology Engineering and Visualization’ (SWETEV).

Advanced Digital Manufacturing
In 2014, Autodesk launched Advanced Digital Manufacturing (ADM), formerly known as Advanced Technologies, which was previously known as 3ds Max. ADM is a toolset that is used to create interactive, real-time 3D products through a Windows desktop application. It includes modeling, simulation, animation, rendering, and prototyping functions. ADM has been released for macOS, Linux and Microsoft Windows and for 2D, 3D and VR editing, modeling and simulation.

Software development tools
In 2011, Autodesk acquired a product known as Map3D which is a web-based mapping software that is compatible with the Google Maps API. Autodesk has also released Map3D for iOS and Android.

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What’s New In?

Markup Assist opens a document from within AutoCAD and displays notes and tasks on a drawing, showing the user where to insert a dynamic annotation and how to modify the content.

Canvas Plotting:

Canvas plots make it easier to draw features, annotate them, and format them for rendering. This mode, inspired by Pen and Ink, supports smaller and more precise drawings, and reduces the number of tool controls available to the user.

New Features in 2D Design Tools

Drafting Tools:

Drafting tools give you more control over the types of lines and curves that you create. You can use more sophisticated line types and more advanced curves to create more complex objects. You can also create more complex layer styles than before, including those that don’t use fill or line.

Extended perspective: You can now display a rotated copy of the drawing at different angles in a layout.

New Drafting Features:

Extended Line Style Options:

You can now choose the type of line you want to create. Before, you could only choose from three line styles: dashed, dotted, and continuous. You can now choose from five new line styles: dashed continuous, dotted continuous, dashed and dotted, dotted and continuous, and dashed and dotted continuous. This lets you create any type of line you want and lets you make changes to the line style in real time.

New Illustration Tools:

The Line Style and Line Style Options dialog box now contains the Edit Feature dialog box, letting you change the endpoints, nodes, handles, or midpoints of a line style while the line style is active. This makes it easier to change the line style or change line style options.

The Hints palette now has a new feature called the Draw Overlay button. When you click it, AutoCAD displays a dialog box that lets you choose a layer to apply the drawing feature to. This lets you quickly apply a drawing feature to any layer.

New Picture Tools:

The Crop, Warp, and Slide tools in the Print & Animation dialog box have improved performance and now support high-resolution raster images.

Drag and Drop: You can now drag a layer to a different layer group.

Extended Layer Style Options:

You can now choose a new style that lets you change the angle of the line that you create when you draw a line. This lets you adjust the line angle

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

RAM: 1 GB or more
CPU: Intel® Core2 Duo/AMD Phenom X2/AMD Athlon X2/AMD Sempron 2100+/AMD Sempron 1600+/AMD Sempron 1200+
OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit)
Hard Disk: 2 GB of free space
Video: DirectX® 9.0c Compatible Video Card or OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card
Keyboard & Mouse: Microsoft® Intellimouse