Livermore ME – Victrola Credenza Antique Record Player

Item For Sale Livermore, Maine in Androscoggin county
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Victrola Credenza Antique Record Player / Serial number 18118 in excellent condition with 12 full albums of playable records. King of Victrolas, the apex of development of the acoustic phonograph — what more can you say about the Orthophonic Credenza? Introduced with a massive publicity blitz in 1925, and inextricably linked to the advent of electrical recording, Victor’s Orthophonic line expanded the frequency range of the talking machine by two octaves, and brought the highest fidelity ever prior to electrical amplification. The deep resonant bass on this machine and booming volume make it de rigueur for serious record collectors. The story of how Victor almost lost the rights to Western Electric’s scientific exponential horn has been told many times (see for example From Tinfoil to Stereo), but in the end both Victor and Columbia modernized with exponential horn models; most of the cabinet on these machines consist of a horn folded over upon itself.

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Livermore ME 04253

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